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More Flex, Less Stress - Join the UNA Childcare Revolution!

May 27, 2021

Hi, everyone! My name is Rachael and I am the founder and director of UNAnannies. 

Looking for a nanny can be done in just a couple of searches, clicks, or calls, since there are many agencies that cater to the need for childcare. Nowadays,many parents will choose a childcare company that characterises flexibility in their services.

Here are some of the reasons why UNA is the leading childcare company that best exemplifies flexibility in its services: 

UNA offers the ability to use your childcare as you need it. 

We work via our subscription service, where you just pay for the hours that you use. Often there are times where we will recommend a specific subscription that sounds like it's right for your family, but ultimately, you can build the package around your family's needs. 

UNA lets you pay for just the hours that you need. 

There's no paying for days that you don't use and no need to reserve set days of the week. If you will only be requesting a nanny to take care of your child for a couple of hours, then UNA will adhere to the agreement and not exceed with what has been agreed on.

UNA can buy you more time to do your job. 

As I'm sure most of you will have experienced, there are days where sometimes you're running late, you have to stay behind at work, you might get caught up in a hospital if you're a doctor or a surgeon. With UNA, this isn't a problem. If you're running late, no worries. Your nanny is flexible to the needs of your family. If she's asked to stay behind an hour, if you get in contact with her and say you're going to be home late, that would not be an issue. That is something we guarantee as part of our service. 

UNA offers emergency cover. 

This means that if your nanny phones in sick on the day of your care, we will provide you with an immediate replacement. This nanny is somebody we've checked and trained at the same standard of your usual childcare provider, and they are provided to you free of charge to complete your booking. 

UNA will always provide you details of your nanny. 

As always, we will contact you and let you know this is going to happen. You will be provided with the nanny's details. You can always say no, but it is an alternate option, other than leaving you in the lurch with no childcare at all. 

If you think you might need an UNA nanny, contact us today, our details are below. Join the UNA Childcare Revolution now!

Rachael Coates

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