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Interested In A Fun And Flexible Career Working With Kids? Here’s How We Look After Our Nannies!

May 20, 2021

Hi, everyone. My name is Rachael, and I'm the founder and director of UNAnannies. 


This blog will highlight the reasons why you should consider UNA as an avenue to advance a fun and flexible career working with kids as a nanny. We are now recruiting new nannies to be part of our growing company. So if you are thinking of finding a safe place where you could be trained and nurtured into becoming a professional nanny, signing up with UNA could be the right option for you. 


Here are some of the amazing things that we do at UNA for our nannies, making us a trusted childcare company. 


We ensure the safety of our nannies. 


As a lone-working nanny, going into people's homes, it's often the second thought and the afterthought that comes to mind when thinking about your own safety. Often you feel quite pressured to provide all these documents to show that you're safe to be in someone's home working with their children. And it's usually the afterthought of thinking, “Actually, I don't know who these people are.”


Here at UNA, not only do our nannies go through a vetting process but so do our families. We get to know them and we get lots of information, similar to the information we store on our nannies, we store on our families as well. That means we get the opportunity to get to know our families and we know that we're sending you into homes that are safe and have been pre-approved by our team. 


We promote career progression. 


A lot of nannies get asked the question “What are you going to do in the future?”, or “How long are you going to be a nanny for?” Why can't you make a career out of it? Not only do we provide training and opportunities for growth, and are we looking to support you in any avenue within the childcare arena that you're wanting to explore, but there are also opportunities to go in on the business side and learn more about the company and how we function and whether there's a role in that side of the company that's right for you. 


It was really important to us that there's room for growth for nannies, both professionally and personally. One of our core values is lifelong learning. If you have a sub-specilaity then we will support you to do advanced training; if you have aspirations to get involved in management or training we have a career path for that too! 


At UNA, we work to ease some of that burden by offering you different avenues of progression and growth and wanting to support you on that journey and not just leave you out there on your own. 


We provide the opportunity to have a peer group or a networking group. 


Particularly in the Northeast, being a nanny was almost unheard of. Before we opened we called around some other nanny agencies and their response was "Nobody in Teesside needs a nanny". This blew me away; not only was I living proof that people needed nannies here, but we have such talent in the childcare sector here. Fabulous people, and great training.


In a nutshell, if you are looking for a very fun career working experience with kids, UNA is undoubtedly a great option. We offer you a safe space, safety, and progression and growth. We look forward to supporting you in that progression and growth. Also, we offer you a network of support, whether that be your peers or whether that would be the UNA team. We are here to help you. 


Advancing one’s career can be challenging, but with the right organization, people, training, and learning opportunity, success is definitely possible. You are able to grow and mature professionally because you know that the workplace where you are at commits to this kind of career goal. Indeed, UNA leads by example in prioritising the professional growth of their nannies and staff members. This way, they can be confident and assured that the services that they deliver will be deemed high quality, effective, and efficient by their clients.  


Rachael Coates

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