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Introducing UNA - our relaunch, and our plans for the future

Dec 04, 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Rachael and I am the founder of UNAnannies. If you're reading this, thanks for taking the time out of your day to enjoy our message and to hear us out. 

2020 has been really an interesting year, which I am sure is true for many small businesses, particularly UNA. UNA is our new brand name, but we were formerly known as the Northern Nanny. So, I guess this blog is just a little bit to tell you why we considered rebranding, why we decided to go ahead with the rebrand, what the name UNA means for us, and where we are headed into the future. 

First and foremost, I cannot thank all of our families enough, who have stuck with us and supported us through COVID. It has been a crazy ride, and I guess we took the time, a little bit of downtime when we went back into our little cocoon. We had a really good look at what we were doing, how things have progressed from where we started, where we wanted to go in the future, and how we wanted to drive and continue to drive change within the childcare industry going forward. 

As a result, we decided on UNA. We have worked with two incredible teams to get this brand to the point where it is now ready to launch. Now, we are prepared to move forward under a new name. There were four amazing concepts that we looked at. But we decided to conduct a poll between two designs on social media, which was incredibly unhelpful but also insightful! The two designs that we did poll across social media were literally a dead-split, which was thrilling for us. However, there was one design, Concept 4, which we are now moving forward with. We felt that this design represented us as co-founders. It somehow took both of our personalities and amalgamated them into one design.

The next thing for me to probably explain is why we chose UNA. We played around with a lot of different names. We first liked Moon Nannies, but we wanted something kind of zesty and fresh. Then, one day, I happened to stumble across the word UNA.

Now when I get in further into this blog, I will explain a bit about where we're going in the future, and hopefully, at that point, it will click a little bit, make a lot of sense to you. While we love providing childcare services, we define ourselves as a digital business, and improving the safety and quality of childcare through tech lies very much at the centre of what we are trying to achieve. 

With that in mind, we eventually found UNA, which means “one.” Some other derivatives of UNA likewise mean one. On the other hand, It is also a female pronoun, which means “to be female.” It can as well mean “to be together.” Right now, We Are UNA is our new social media account name, which means we are one and together. This truly goes back to some of the values that we first had when we started the company of wanting to be more than just  ‘A meets B kind of company.’ We wanted to be involved in that relationship and make sure we're building a community of people who are using and have access to safe and reliable childcare. 

But what does this really mean for the future? We have always been keen on providing safe childcare-trained professionals, and through lockdown, we have brought that to fruition. So we're hoping, within the next six weeks, to have launched our training platform. This is the first of its kind. It will be an international training platform for nannies on a subscription basis. They can essentially sign up. Then, they will have access to the most recent guidance information. Not only that, though, but our training course is also built to provide child-carers of any background, whether you are a nursery worker or not, an opportunity to get trained for in-home care services. 

Moreover, we are to expand our services nationally in the next 18 months. This is why we've spent a lot of time getting the right bums on seats in the office with our office staff. Again, thank you for the patience of the families, who we are currently onboard and had to deal with us handing over the reins to some of our team members.

Indeed, it's going to be challenging and exciting at the same time. We've been mapping our systems and our processes, and I am looking forward to what the future will hold for UNA. More so because we are taking you with us on this journey now. So this is the start of our blogs. Hopefully, there'll be many more to come over the next coming weeks. 

Our goal here is to help you get to know us as a company, me as a managing director, some team members, and what we can offer you as a family. I hope you are just as excited as we are. Thank you for reading this! Know that there's much more to come from us in the future!


Rachael Coates


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