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Apr 09, 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Rachael and I am the founder of UNAnannies.

I just want to share with you and introduce our new podcast, which is really exciting. So let us just dive straight in and get talking about it. 

So our brand new, It's In Our U.N.A. podcast is going to be launching on the 7th of April. There will be three initial episodes for you to listen to. It is really exciting. It is just another way of us giving something back to you, giving some more value and content for getting to know us a bit better and understanding how we can support you, not just in childcare but by feeding you the correct information around how to find safe childcare. 

What qualities should you be looking for in a nanny? What the options are for your family. Just speaking around some hot topics, that might be COVID 19, it might be things that are found in the media. There are also going to be really exciting interviews with industry experts. These would be Sleep Therapists, Educational Therapists, SEN Specialists. We have got somebody speaking on neurodiversity. We are really looking into deep-diving in the nanny sector, like celebrity nannies and male nannies. 

So there is going to be really exciting content coming your way. What can you expect? They are basically going to be short snippets usually 20 minutes long of topical conversation. Some of the conversations with nannies and guests. Some of these conversations will be with industry experts. And it really just gives you the opportunity to get a little snapshot of information in a different format. 

We are on social media. We are across Instagram and Facebook. We have got our website and our training platform now up and running. But this is just giving you a little bit of free content, which is actually providing you with a lot of value. So we are really excited to share this with you, and we hope that you will enjoy it. We look forward to hearing your feedback on it. Again, if there are things that you want to know from it and if there are things that you want to see with regards to our content, then get in touch and let us know because it is really exciting. It is a great opportunity for us to work with you and start producing content that you want to see and hear, and hopefully that we can all engage together. 

As always, if you are looking for childcare and considering taking a nanny, there is still our free course that you can access to decipher and decide what kind of childcare is the right fit for your family. And if that is a nanny you can always get in touch and see how we can help, you can do that by visiting Hopefully, we will be in touch with some of you soon. 

Rachael Coates

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