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UNA Training and Free Courses on Nanny Care

Feb 12, 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Rachael and I am the founder of UNAnannies.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. Today, I'm going to be explaining a little bit about why training and having a physical educational resource to refer to, whether that's for finding a nanny, or becoming a nanny is so important. I’ll also cover why it's important to us, and why we've decided to invest our time in providing that resource for you.

First of all, training! You get it in many jobs, you get it in all sorts of facets, and it comes in all different shapes and sizes, Something that is really important to us here at UNA is that your nanny is equipped with up-to-date, relevant, and current information, so that they're able to provide the highest standard of service and the highest standard of care for your children. And likewise, we are now offering a free course on how to prepare for a nanny, everything you need to consider, and how to discover if nannying childcare is the right childcare for you. The reason that is important to us, is because as a company, not only do we want to provide a great service to our families, but we also want to do right by our nannies, ensuring that the families that are getting involved in nanny care, understand what an undertaking that is, and what their roles and responsibilities are when it comes to looking after that childcare provider.

When it comes to nanny care, having up to date training and accurate information, whether that's on government guidelines, whether it's on early years, and whether it's understanding like education, means nothing is as relevant now as actually learning how to engage children in home learning with the current lockdown situation. So providing training and having a set of resources that you can refer to, shows that your practice is top quality at all times. Speaking from experience as a long - working nanny, that is not something I used to have access to. And when we founded UNA, it was something that I was really passionate about - giving back to our nanny team. This is a team that ultimately puts themselves on the line, 12-14 hours a day to provide awesome childcare for you and your family. As a company, we want to give something back to them and do that in lifelong learning, giving them resources like tools, to be able to develop themselves further, offer a better service, and to keep working on their skills and their practice to make them ultimately the best nanny they can be.

The UNA training platform is offering this free course on nanny care for you to look at, and if that goes down well, then hopefully we can offer further training courses for parents and families again in the future. 

Finally, what is the benefit of training for everyone? Training for everyone means that everybody is always trying to improve. So whether you are a family or whether you are a nanny, you're always trying to be better than the first childcare relationship that you had. You're always trying to be better than that first nannying-charged relationship that you had. 

We're always going to be moving in a really positive direction and we're really keen to innovate using technology, but I think where that comes in is once we get the basics right. We have to make sure that our core foundations in these relationships we're building between child carers and families are correct, and that we've got the fundamentals like trust, respect, and communication nailed down. The people we work with need to understand why these things are important, so they can build long-lasting relationships. Once we've got all these things nailed down, we're excited to then focus on getting involved in technology and innovation, and hopefully stepping this up a level! 

Hence, what's really left to say is that if you've enjoyed this blog, and you're curious as to what kind of training and what our platform can offer you, go and investigate. Have a look, drop us some feedback, and if you think there's something we're missing, we're always really keen to improve on that and get your feedback too.

Have a look, and I hope it helps, and that hopefully we'll be speaking to some of you soon.

Thank you very much.


Rachael Coates
UNA Nannies


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