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Unsure what the best option is for childcare for your family, how to set it up, or the costs and tax implications involved? No problem! This family guide is designed to tell you everything you need to know about the different childcare options that are available, and the things to consider when choosing to have a nanny or other childcare provider in your family's life.

It will help you feel prepared for the new childcare journey you are embarking upon, including the dos, the don'ts, differences between other types of childcare, and how to get the best for your family!

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Childcare options and differences explained

Costs explained

Warts and all explanation of the hidden pitfalls

Empower your family

Make a decision for yourself not the masses

"As a mum of three I thought I couldn't afford a nanny-little did I know! Now having the support not only for the children but also for us-as busy working professionals it is a life (and sanity) saver. I couldn't go back to other forms of childcare now"

Rachael Coates: UNA Founder

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