Juggling Motherhood and Celebrity Clients

Welcome to this episode, where Sarah is with Kirsty on an episode of the nannys podcast. This episode is full of great content and discussion with Lauren the Nanny so Sarah wanted to share it with you on IIOUNA. They discuss the stigma and negative attitudes about people who work in childcare, the lack of respect that can often occur and the financial risks. But they also talk about the many pros and how both Sarah and Lauren always knew they wanted to work with children.

Key Takeaways

Lauren has been a nanny for 11 years, she started off working in a nursery where she worked for 3 years as well as babysitting. When she decided to look for a new job she discovered that someone she was babysitting for was looking for a nanny so she became a nanny for those three girls until she had her son.

She then wanted to find a job where she could take her son with her but it wasn’t that common which lead to her doing some temporary jobs for a while. She eventually found a full time job nannying twins and although it was very challenging she stayed with them until they went to school.

Lauren then decided to start ‘Lauren the Nanny’ to become a celebrity nanny. She took some risks and messaged people directly to tell them who she was and the experience she had and it went from there. Currently she works for Danny Jones who is the lead guitarist for McFly.

Word of mouth is so important in the world of nannying. Your children are the most precious thing to you so if you are being recommended someone you know they must be trustworthy.

Being a Nanny has helped Lauren be a better parent. Of course they are different roles but it gave her some experience of what to expect.

Sarah’s nanny company always receives the money upfront from the families which means they can always pay the nannys. It means difficult conversations don’t have to be made and there are less risks involved.

With covid, people have realised how vital and important childcare is. The childcare sector will now change after the pandemic and for the better. Childcare providers need to be treated with more respect and appreciation.

Sometimes children need to hear the truth. If they are old enough to understand then they need to be told when they hurt other people’s feelings and the consequences of the things they say and do.

Best Moments

“I always knew I wanted to work with children”

“Word of mouth is such an important thing”

“I think being a nanny has made me a better parent”

“You need to safeguard the nannies, as nobody does”


Sarah Heward has an early years degree and then became a professional nanny. From her successes she went on to publish fist children's book and launched a nanny agency with a difference (built for modern day nannies and families) with her business partner Dr Rachael Coates. Rachael is an entrepreneur, general surgeon and mum of three who has lived the chaos, tears and fleeting victories of early parenthood. Together they are looking to empower more families to make the empowered choices towards being a happy family.

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