Male Nannies in a Female Lead Industry

In today’s episode, Kirsty joins Sarah to speak to Charles, a male nanny based in the UK. The childcare industry is still a career path dominated by women but Charles talks about why he chose to go down this route, his unique childcare journey and his own personal experiences being a nanny.


From the age of 11 Charles knew he wanted to work with children. Charles pursued his further education in early years and then went to train as a Norland Nanny.

Going to Norland means that you guaranteed work for life. An unusual concept in many other industries.

When trying to get his first jobs before qualifying as a Norland Nanny, Charles experienced a lot of stigma for being male, he was turned down for lots of jobs. But once he got his first and then had recommendations he didn’t struggle again. The power of referral in the childcare sector is incredibly strong, even in this modern world.

Having a nanny is still not something many people think of when considering childcare. Talking about the benefits of nannying and spreading the fact it is a both a great supportive childcare options as well as a career option for anyone, is something Sarah feels passionate about.

Sometimes Charles has found his age has meant that his opinion, knowledge and authority have been put in to question, especially if he is working with other staff who are older than him.

One of Sarah’s big drivers for wanting to change things for Nannies is the fact there is still a real lack of respect for those who work in the childcare industry. So many people don’t see it as a legitimate career choice. It’s not easy to look after children, it’s one of the most important jobs in the world, childcare workers need to be seen as the professionals they are.


“I come across a lot of people who don’t fully understand how you get into your role”

“That work will always be there no matter what”

“I was the only lad in my year”

“You don’t realise how much of a breather that time is giving you until you don’t have it”

“At the end of this, if that’s not worth a bit more respect in the way that people talk about childcare practitioners then I don’t know what it’s going to take”


Sarah Heward has an early years degree and then became a professional nanny. From her successes she went on to publish fist children's book and launched a nanny agency with a difference (built for modern day nannies and families) with her business partner Dr Rachael Coates. Rachael is an entrepreneur, general surgeon and mum of three who has lived the chaos, tears and fleeting victories of early parenthood. Together they are looking to empower more families to make the empowered choices towards being a happy family.


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