The Gratitude Episode

Gratitude is something we all should practice more and this episode Sarah and Rachael talk about what they are grateful for and what children can teach us about both gratitude and attitude.


Rachael’s Top 3 things she is grateful for in children is:

  1. The Wonderful cuddles they give
  2. Their obsession and energy for learning
  3. Unconditional Friendship

Sarah’s Top 3 things she is grateful for in children is:

  1. The naivety of children and the loveliness and humour it brings
  2. That they questions everything
  3. Their growth


“Always feeling wanted and loved and when they are in need, they want me”

“Mummy, I can’t believe you married a Gorilla”

“We’re not brave enough to ask those questions openly as adults, we ask them somewhere that feels anonymous”


Sarah Heward has an early years degree and then became a professional nanny. From her successes she went on to publish fist children's book and launched a nanny agency with a difference (built for modern day nannies and families) with her business partner Dr Rachael Coates. Rachael is an entrepreneur, general surgeon and mum of three who has lived the chaos, tears and fleeting victories of early parenthood. Together they are looking to empower more families to make the empowered choices towards being a happy family.


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